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Sanskrit And Mantra Training

Embark on a transformative journey into the ancient wisdom of Sanskrit and the profound power of mantra with our comprehensive training program. Rooted in tradition yet accessible to modern seekers, this course offers a deep dive into the language of the gods and the sacred vibrations of mantra chanting.


April 28th

12:30  PM to 15:30 PM


  • Introduction to Sanskrit

  • Mantra Sadhana

  • Mantra Meditation

  • Sanskrit Chanting

  • Integration and Application


69 EUR

 Payment: 10 EUR booking amount and rest (59 EUR ) can be paid at the venue

Urban Sports Club : Check in + 62 EUR

Vectors yogicescape
Vectors yogicescape

Introduction to Sanskrit

Explore the beauty and depth of Sanskrit, the language of ancient scriptures. Learn the alphabet, pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

Vectors yogicescape
Vectors yogicescape

Mantra Sadhana

Experience the healing power of traditional Sanskrit mantras. Understand their meanings and the science behind their effectiveness in spiritual evolution.

Vectors yogicescape
Vectors yogicescape

Mantra Meditation

Dive into powerful mantra meditation techniques for inner peace and deep meditation. Integrate them into your daily practice for enhanced well-being.

Vectors yogicescape
Vectors yogicescape

Sanskrit Chanting

Immerse yourself in the sacred sounds of Sanskrit chants and hymns. Experience profound bliss and devotion through chanting mantras, kirtans, and stotras.

Vectors yogicescape
Vectors yogicescape

Integration and Application

Learn to integrate Sanskrit and mantra practices into yoga teaching, meditation, and daily life

Meet the Teacher

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Upon receipt of your registration email, we will confirm your participation. The registration is binding once the payment is done.

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