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How online classes work

We use Zoom for our Online classes. You can join on any supported device: laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Please register for your online yoga class 30 minutes prior to the schedule. A link will be sent to you via Email 15 minutes before the class starts.
You can take a Drop-In class (7 Euro) or get our monthly unlimited Online classes voucher.
It might sound overwhelming but it’s as easy as a few clicks to join our online classes from your comfort!

Some great tips to make your experience better

Make sure the place of practice is calm and pleasant, with ample availability of fresh air, if you like feel free to put on your favorite playlist and light some candles.
At the beginning of the class you may turn on your camera and microphone to say hello or namaste ;-), during the class please keep your microphone muted, keeping the camera on is completely up to you.
Feel free to use the chat functionality of Zoom in case you would like to communicate with your microphone muted at the beginning, during, and at the end of the class.
Your device doesn’t need to be placed exactly in front of you, you may choose to place it beside you. It’s always better to focus more on your sense of hearing to understand the instructions from the teacher, we recommend developing your body awareness and be mindful about the poses you are performing. In the end, it’s your own practice.
At any moment if it feels overwhelming take a break, go into Shavasana or Child’s pose, and come back when you feel ready.
For any reason, if you are not able to connect or haven’t received the email with the link for Zoom yet, please call us and we will try to help you in the best possible way.
Excited to see you for the class. Namaste!!

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