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Room Rentals

The studio rooms could be rented for your events. There are two rooms, a yoga room (Yogashala) and a wellness room for private therapies/sessions.

Yoga Shala

The yogshala is around 45 m². It is bright and easy to ventilate through the windows. We could provide our yoga equipment for up to 11 participants. This room can be reserved when we don’t have an ongoing class in the YogaShala. You can always see our calendar to check the availability of the room. Feel free to get in touch with us for more details


Wellness Room

The small yoga room is around 18 m². The room is cozy and easy to ventilate with the windows available.

We could provide the following for your therapies and private sessions

  • Massage beds

  • Lamps-:  Side lamps – Salt Lamp

  • Speaker

  • High-Speed Internet

  • Kettle for tea


For Bookings:​​

**The price for the rooms are 17-20 euros per hour, special arrangements can be made for long term bookings

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