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Meditation and yoga
  • Vinyasa: Elevate your yoga journey with dynamic Vinyasa classes in Berlin. Sync breath with movement for strength, flexibility, and mindfulness.

  • Hatha: Dive into yoga fundamentals in Berlin with Hatha classes, emphasizing alignment, balance, and breath for holistic well-being.

  • Ashtanga: Immerse yourself in the dynamic tradition of Ashtanga yoga in Berlin, following set sequences to cultivate strength, flexibility, and focus.

  • Yin: Experience deep relaxation in Berlin with Yin yoga, targeting connective tissues and promoting relaxation through long-held poses.

  • Yin Yang: Find balance in Berlin with Yin Yang yoga, blending meditative Yin with energizing Vinyasa flows for holistic harmony.

  • Iyengar: Explore precise alignment in Berlin with Iyengar yoga, using props for support and deepening your practice.

  • Power Vinyasa: Ignite your inner fire in Berlin with Power Vinyasa classes, boosting strength, stamina, and vitality through dynamic flows.

  • Mysore Led Ashtanga: Dive into traditional Ashtanga practice in Berlin with personalized guidance, fostering growth and exploration.

  • Pregnancy Yoga: Nurture your body and baby in Berlin with gentle yoga postures tailored for pregnancy, promoting relaxation and well-being.


downward dog posture
  • Core & Strength: Strengthen and tone your core in Berlin with Core & Strength classes, enhancing stability and balance.

  • Pilates: Enhance core strength and flexibility in Berlin with Pilates classes, combining controlled movements for holistic body awareness.

  • Core & Mobility: Improve core strength and flexibility in Berlin with Core & Mobility classes, focusing on targeted movements and stretches.


Dhiraj teaching sound healing and meditation
  • Sound Bath & Healing: Experience deep relaxation in Berlin with Sound Bath & Healing sessions, incorporating soothing sounds for inner healing.

  • Somatic Movement: Explore mindful movement in Berlin with Somatic Movement classes, promoting relaxation and releasing tension.

  • Meditation: Cultivate inner peace and mental clarity in Berlin with guided meditation sessions, fostering mindfulness and stress relief.

  • Pranayama & Breathwork: Deepen breath awareness in Berlin with Pranayama & Breathwork classes, enhancing vitality and well-being through various techniques.

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