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Empowering Wellness: Neha's Journey from India to Berlin with Yogicescape

Updated: Jul 8

In the bustling city of Berlin, amidst the vibrant culture and diverse community, lies a sanctuary for holistic wellness and personal growth – Yogic Escape. Founded by Neha, a passionate yogi with roots in India, Yogic Escape is more than just a yoga studio; it's a space where traditional yoga meets modern elements, where individuals come together to explore the transformative power of yoga and embark on their wellness journey.

Let's dive into Neha's journey from India to Berlin as a yoga teacher and explore how she navigated different cultures to create a space of wellness and community named “Yogicescape” in berlin.

Que. What inspired you to start Yogic Escape, and how did the idea come about?

Ans. Yogic Escape was born out of my deep-rooted passion for yoga and holistic wellness. Having experienced the transformative power of yoga in my own life, I wanted to create a space where others could also embark on their wellness journey. The idea sparked during a casual conversation with my partner, where we envisioned combining the traditional approach of yoga with modern elements. With my five years of experience teaching yoga and hosting retreats, we saw an opportunity to fill a void in the community, especially during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic when people needed to focus on their lifestyle and mental health with a sense of community.

We chose to name it "Yogic Escape," envisioning it as a small sanctuary where individuals can escape in moments of self-care and self-love, all in a yogic manner that fosters awareness and mindfulness finding the right escape at Yogic Escape.

Que. Could you share some key moments or experiences from your journey from India to Berlin that shaped your approach to teaching yoga?

Ans. Transitioning from India to Berlin was a profound journey that enriched my perspective on yoga and teaching. Adapting to cultural differences, effectively communicating with a diverse audience, and sharing yoga methodologies with authenticity were key moments that shaped my approach. These experiences reinforced the importance of adaptability, empathy, and inclusivity in my teaching style.

Que. What challenges did you face as you transitioned from teaching yoga in India to a new environment in Berlin?

Ans. One of the main challenges was bridging the cultural gap and understanding the unique needs of students in Berlin. Establishing Yogic Escape required building relationships, navigating administrative procedures, and maintaining authenticity in a modern environment. Leading a group of people initially made me feel shy, but with the support of my husband, I gained confidence to overcome these challenges.

Que. How does the yoga community in Berlin differ from that in India, and how has this influenced your teaching style?

Ans. The yoga community in Berlin is diverse and inclusive, with a strong emphasis on individuality and self-expression. In India, yoga is deeply rooted in tradition and spirituality, whereas in Berlin, it's more focused on physical practice. This difference influenced my teaching style to integrate elements of Indian yoga philosophy while honoring the diversity and individuality of students in Berlin.

Que. Can you describe a particularly memorable or impactful yoga class you taught in Berlin?

Ans. One memorable class was when a student with a prosthetic leg participated with enthusiasm, doing every posture with a wide smile. It was a powerful reminder of human resilience and determination, teaching me that we can overcome any obstacle with the right mindset and dedication.

Que. What are some cultural differences you've encountered in your yoga teaching journey across continents, and how have you navigated them?

Ans. Cultural differences manifested in communication styles, attitudes towards spirituality, and approaches to wellness. Navigating these required cultivating cultural sensitivity, adaptability, and open-mindedness. I emphasized understanding the meaning and significance behind yoga practices to bridge cultural gaps and create inclusive spaces for students of diverse backgrounds.

Que. How do you integrate elements of Indian yoga philosophy into your teaching while catering to a diverse audience in Berlin?

Ans. I integrate universal principles such as mindfulness, self-awareness, and compassion while honoring the rich heritage of Indian yoga traditions. By presenting these teachings in an accessible and relatable manner, I inspire students to explore their spiritual path and inner journey.

Que. Have there been any surprising or unexpected lessons you've learned about yourself or yoga through your experiences in both India and Berlin?

Ans. I've learned that yoga transcends cultural boundaries and societal norms, serving as a universal tool for personal growth and transformation. Additionally, I gained a deeper appreciation for the power of community and the importance of cultivating meaningful relationships on the yoga path.

Que. What advice would you give to aspiring yoga teachers who are considering teaching internationally or starting their own yoga ventures like Yogic Escape?

Ans. Cultivate authenticity, passion, and resilience in your teaching journey. Stay true to your unique voice and vision while remaining open to learning and growth. Prioritize self-care and personal well-being as your energy and presence are fundamental to your effectiveness as a teacher.

Que. Looking ahead, what are your goals and aspirations for Yogic Escape, and how do you envision your journey evolving in the future?

Ans. I envision Yogic Escape as a sanctuary for holistic wellness, personal growth, and community connection. I aspire to expand our offerings to include retreats, workshops, and teacher training programs, empowering individuals to cultivate a deeper sense of well-being and purpose. With the opening of our second studio in Fshain, I'm excited to spread the magic of holistic healing across different districts of Berlin.

As Neha continues to inspire and uplift her community through Yogic Escape, her journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of yoga and the unwavering dedication to sharing its benefits with the world. You can experience her magic at Yogicescape by securing your spot in one of her class here.

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