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FullMoon & Cacao Ceremony

Full Moon & Cacao Ceremony

Welcome to our Full Moon Yoga & Cacao Ceremony – a beautiful and powerful practice held under the sky where you can deepen your connection with yourself and others, and strengthen your inner guidance.

Key Highlights

FullMoon & Cacao Ceremony
  • The Full Moon Yoga & Cacao Ceremony is a transformative experience that offers an opportunity for shedding, releasing, re-balancing, and grounding.

  • It's a chance to connect with your inner self and join a community of like-hearted people who share your journey.

  • During the ceremony, you will learn to listen to your inner guidance, cultivate resourcefulness, creativity, and wholeness, and strengthen your intuition.

  • The ceremony takes place under the sky during the full moon, creating a profound and deep connection with the universe and the natural world.

  • The 100% pure ceremonial Cacao used in the ceremony is sustainably sourced from the ancient wisdom of the indigenous communities of Ecuador.

  • The ceremony offers a chance for healing, growth, and connection with yourself and others.

The Instructor

Neha Pugalia

Neha is a founder of Yogic Escape Yoga & Wellness studio in Berlin

Is compassionate Yoga and Ayurveda therapist and energy healer

Has led many retreats, workshops, and training.

Selflessly gives back to society by teaching Yoga and support in education to underprivileged tribal children.

Neha's favorite mantra, "Vasudhev Kutumbakam," meaning "The World Is One Family," perfectly captures her positive and unifying outlook

This ceremony is traditionally observed during the full and new moon phases, as we harness the energy of the moon and set our intentions for manifestation and self-reflection. Our Cacao Ceremony uses the power of intention and 100% pure ceremonial Cacao sourced from Ecuador to create a loving and welcoming space for healing, growth, and transformation.

Schedule and Prices


Sep 29 -  19:30 - 20:30


29 € 

*Advance 10 EUR, rest can be paid at the location


Kiezteich Ernst-Thälmann-Park 

The park is located next to S Griefswalder Strasse.

The exact coordinates/ meeting point will be shared in the email 1 day prior to the event.

* If the weather is not so good we may move it to our studio which is at Naugarder Strasse 14, 10409

Reserve the spot 

Thanks for reserving the spot!

FullMoon & Cacao Ceremony
FullMoon & Cacao Ceremony
FullMoon & Cacao Ceremony
FullMoon & Cacao Ceremony
FullMoon & Cacao Ceremony
FullMoon & Cacao Ceremony
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