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Yoga & Ayurveda
Flower Garland 6

About the event

Combining Yoga & Ayurveda together can take you through inner wellness.

We would offer 5 curated Yoga & Meditation Classes and an online Ayurveda consultation with an experienced doctor.

It's time to heal, detox, and nourish our soul, body & mind.

Flower Garland 6

What does it contain?

  • 5 offline yoga classes & 1 online Ayurveda consultation


  • Complete Ayurvedic intake including dosha (constitution), guna (energetic quality), tongue, pulse, prana vayus, chakras, lifestyle, and goals for healing

  • Yoga poses help balance your imbalances

  • How to breathe to improve your deficient energy (prana Vayu)

  • Meditations for your type of mental state (manas Prakriti)

  • Lifestyle recommendations

  • Dietary recommendations

  • Herb and supplement recommendations

  • Recommendations for continued healing including referrals for bodywork, energy work, etc. if needed

Flower Garland 6



Flower Garland 6

Questions & Terms

For any questions or queries please Email us or call us.


Upon receipt of your registration email, we will confirm your participation. The registration is binding once the payment is done.

Flower Garland 6
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