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 What you will

The workshop will create a safe haven for exploration, teaching participants when and when not to engage in specific breathwork, while delving into the spiritual essence of breath as a conduit to higher consciousness. Through the introduction of mild hyperventilation techniques and the concept of the Physiological Sigh, attendees will leave equipped with tools to enhance mental clarity and everyday rejuvenation.


 What you can

  • Learn to harness the energy of the Three Bandhas for effective life force channeling.

  • Hands-on guidance for attendees to understand and practice the art of pranayama.

  • Master three to four essential pranayama techniques for a deeper connection with breath and inner self.

  • Focus on establishing foundational daily practices for sustained benefits.

  • Gain insight into the balance between inhalation and exhalation in pranayama.

  • Understand the intricate dynamics of breath anatomy.

  • Explore how breath influences both physical and spiritual well-being.

Meet The Mentors

 An enlightening journey into the realms of breath and self-discovery Yasemine Vollmond, founder of Vollmond Yoga Studio, Co creating with Neha Pugaliya , founder of Yogicescape at Neha's Yoga Studio, Yogicescape on 22 Oct 2023

Let's breathe together

Join us on October 22nd from 12:30 PM to 3:30 PM to embark on this transformative journey of breath, self-awareness, and inner harmony.

Secure your spot today and embark on a path of self-mastery and empowerment.

10 EUR advance payment with one click booking and rest in cash.

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