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3 months of yoga
Flower Garland 6

Make yoga your new habit

It's easy. We will give you a structured plan that will help you to integrate yoga regularly and playfully into your everyday life. We will take you by the hand and we'll do yoga together. No matter what. This is the starting point for your regular yoga practice and more mindfulness in your life. Let today be day 1.


Have a super healthy 2023

Kickstart your yoga practice or begin your yoga journey. Over the period of 3 months, you will increase your flexibility, strength, and joint mobility, and feel calm, present, and g

Flower Garland 6

What does it contain?

  • Early morning yoga and meditation practices each week

  • Evening classes focusing on flexibility and strength building

  • Sound bath indulging you in deep relaxation and meditation

All of the classes will be conducted in-studio.

At the end of the 3 months, you will feel healthier, stronger, and deeply content within. And we hope you will keep walking on the path of yoga to keep your body healthy and happy.

After buying the ticket, you will receive a curated 3 months yoga plan from us and there is an option to meet in the studio also for the first consultation for designing the whole plan for the “New Me” challenge.

Flower Garland 6



Flower Garland 6

Questions & Terms

For any questions or queries please Email us or call us.


Upon receipt of your registration email, we will confirm your participation. The registration is binding once the payment is done.

Flower Garland 6
Treat yourself to something unforgettable

Thank you for booking the Cacao, Dance & Sound cricle!

Unfortunately this event is completely booked out.

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